TV Studio

tv studio.jpeg

Located in the basement of Wilbur Arts (W017), the Molloy College television studio comprises of high definition equipment including Panasonic HPX 370 cameras, tripods, ETC lighting grid/board and plenty of space for students to build sets for their productions.  In the adjacent room next door (W016), houses the control room.  In the control room, students will find additional high definition equipment to produce their television program.  This equipment includes Yamaha LS9 audio board, For.A production switcher, AjA Ki Pro for digital recording, Chyron character generator, and Samsung Smart TV for multi-screen viewing.

Media Lab

Located in the basement of Wilbur Arts (W004) around the corner from the television studio, the Communications Department’s media lab hosts 24 iMac computers for post production. Students utilize the lab to edit film and television productions using software such as Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere Pro.  Additional software includes the entire Adobe Creative Suite (PhotoShop, After Effects, etc.), Final Draft, and Microsoft Office, among others.

media lab.jpeg
podcast studio.jpeg

Podcast Studio

Housed in the Communications Department’s media lab, the podcast studio offers 6 microphone stations for students to produce audio shows. Students utilizing the podcast studio can create individual audio shows or have a group discussion with guests. Equipment offered to students include an audio mixer and digital recording unit.