The Communications department offers a 42 credit concentration in Professional Communications. This program is ideal for those interested in graduate study or careers in public relations, human resources, conflict resolution, events planning, management or administration in any industry or field and for the development of effective communication skills in any organizational or professional setting.


COM 2290 Experiences in Corporate Communications

COM 2550 Public Relations

COM 2551 Public Relations Writing

COM 2590 Introduction to Advertising

COM 2620 Social Media

COM 3130 Interpersonal Communications

COM 3150 Organizational Communications

COM 3610 Media Management

COM 3650 Research in Communications

COM 4600 Communications Internships I

COM 4900 Communications Capstone

8 Semester Plan

2019 Communications Professional Concentration.jpg
128 Credits
2021 Communications (professional concentration).jpg
120 Credits
2021 Communications (professional concentration)2.jpg