Zach Norton - 2015 B.A. Communications (Media)

Zach Norton, a 2015 graduate with a B.A. in Communications Media, currently works at Nielsen Kellerman Co, located in Boothwyn, PA, as the E-Media Marketing Manager. His daily responsibilities include curating and creating content for social media campaigns, working alongside brand managers to generate messaging and sales for email campaigns, as well as outreach for partnerships with social media influencers that match well with the brands. As the E-Media Marketing Manager, Zach oversees nine brands’ email marketing, social media and influencer marketing programs.

Zach says that the most helpful course for his current role was Intro to New Media. He says, “The nice thing about social media is that it is ever changing, and learning never stops.” Zach credits this course for his interest in learning about social media as well as leading him to take a chance on applying for his current position. When asked about his favorite class, Zach couldn’t pick just one. He said that he similarly loved Scriptwriting, Television Production, and Field Production as they were all great courses that taught him the storytelling process. He also added that the collaborative projects in these classes led to numerous friendships.

When asked what advice he would give an incoming freshman, Zach said that he would tell them to take in everything they can. He says that media is ever-changing and, “It's the willingness to learn, adapt, and innovate that will inevitably set you apart in the future.” Zach would have a similar message for a senior about to graduate, that you need to set yourself apart and to not be afraid to take an opportunity.

When asked about his internship experience, Zach stated that his first internship position was as a Creative Media Intern at a company called Monetate. He was tasked with creating motion graphics for videos, presenting weekly reports for the art department at meetings, and photographing new hires for company purposes. Zach would advise any Com student to do more than one internship if they can. He says, “Any experience is good experience.” Zach says that his future goal, in the next 2-3 years, is to grow the social media team at his current position so that each brand that they represent has its own dedicated social media person.