Taylor Curran - 2018 B.S./M.B.A. Business Management, B.A. Communications (Media)

Taylor Curran, a 2018 graduate, with a BS/MBA in Business Management and a BA in Communications Media, currently works at B Live. It is a production and streaming company in Brooklyn, NY. Her current position is Producer of the American Kennel Club’s streaming network, AKC.tv. Her daily responsibilities include creating show content, writing formats and scripts, scheduling talent, field producing, conducting interviews, and live streaming.

Taylor said that the two Communications courses that helped prepare her the most were Field Production and TV studio production. She said, “I am a Producer of a studio show so I spend a decent amount of time in a control room.” She added that when she is not in the control room she is often in the field conducting interviews. While Field Production prepared her for the future, Taylor says that TV Studio Production was her favorite class. She said, “It was so fun having a hands-on experience in the studio. One day I was the host of a talk show, then the next day I was in the control room directing. It was exciting to see all of the different roles involved in a studio production”

The advice that Taylor has for incoming freshmen is to get involved and get to know your professors. She says that getting involved in clubs, events, internships, etc. is the best way to make connections and gain hands-on experience. As far as getting to know your professors, Taylor says that they are the best resource for information and they are there to help you.

Taylor’s advice for graduating seniors is to enjoy your senior year. She advises connecting with former Molloy Alumni. She says, “Your first job out of college might be a PA or Runner and it's not very glamorous but I promise if you put in the work, it's worth it. It takes time so enjoy the process. Learn and ask questions.”

Taylor had several internships while at Molloy. She interned for the New York Islanders, Fox Five News, and MSG Networks. She says that interning can be hard but you should continue to have a positive attitude and ask questions. She added that there is no such thing as too many questions. Taylor also emphasized networking, and how it is particularly important in the production world. She says, “People change jobs all the time so keep in touch with former bosses and former co-workers because you never know if you'll work with them on a project in the future.”

As far as her goals for the future Taylor jokes that she’s still working on this one. She says that she would love to be an Executive Producer or Showrunner of a show one day. After that she would love to move into the business side of a network or company.