Shannon Appel - 2015 B.A. Communications (Media)

During her tenure at Molloy College, Shannon majored in communications with a concentration in media. Shannon actually became familiar with the media industry before her college career started. It was in the eighth grade where Shannon edited her middle school yearbook video. She was able to put all of the lasting memories together into a story. Shannon also took a course in video production that was offered in her high school as well. She started enjoying production and editing so much that she wanted to continue her interests in college in hopes of one day of turning her passion into a career.

One course that Shannon believes continues to help her after graduation in her aspiring career is public speaking. She took the course with Professor Lynn Kennedy. Shannon added, “I’ve always been a little on the shy side and wasn’t fully comfortable speaking in front of people. The class helped me with my presentations in other classes, as well as with the two full time jobs I’ve had since I graduated. The course helped me feel comfortable talking to and conversing with people.” In thinking back to some of her favorite memories as a communications student, Shannon enjoyed all of her production classes such as Field Production and Advanced Television Production. The production classes were the most fun she had because she was working closely with her classmates working on documentaries, sitcoms and short films.

Shannon recently graduated from the academy to become a Federal Officer. She works for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection dealing with passengers coming off international flights. Shannon said, “I make sure they are admissible and are not bringing anything illegal or dangerous into the country.” Shannon’s goal for the future is to somehow combine her U.S. Customs position in relation to communications. She feels with her vast knowledge of communications, it could be put to use in such areas as International Affairs.

In giving advice to students starting at Molloy this semester majoring in Communications, Shannon felt students should get involved with as many things as possible. Shannon stated, “If you want to pursue a career with communications, take as many classes as you can take. There are a variety of courses offered that are all so interesting and teach you different skills. Always strive to work hard and take pride in the work you create.” Shannon also offered advice for students who recently graduated. She wants graduates to stay determined by continuing to build their resume. In closing, Shannon tells graduates to “Find something you want to do that you’re passionate about and pursue it.”