Samantha Cheung - 2017 B.A. Communications (Media)

Samantha Cheung, a 2017 graduate with a B.A. in Communications Media, is currently a Project Manager at McVeigh Global Meetings & Events. The company is a meeting planning company organizing events all over the world. She started as a Project Coordinator immediately following graduation. She says that her daily responsibilities include building registration websites, customer support and managing clients, sponsors, exhibitors, hotel, and travel.

When asked what classes she believed helped her the most Samantha said, “A lot of production classes helped as I like to think each event I plan is a full on production we have to make sure every detail is covered.” She added that public speaking class helped with her confidence and efficiency regarding calls with clients or communicating instructions to her team. Samatha said that one of her favorite classes was Interpersonal Communications with Dr. Kelly. She said that it made her realize the different kinds of relationships and how they impact our lives in a social and work environment.

Samantha’s advice for any incoming freshman is to not be afraid to ask questions. She says, “You will never know if your peers have the same questions or may have a solution that wasn't thought of.” She says that asking questions opens up discussions and creates a path for collaboration. She also added that, “You will not be alone.” She says that classmates and professors are there to guide you. Samantha’s advice for a graduating senior is that you need to show potential jobs, not only your resume, but also your personality.

Samantha interned at a social media marketing office as well as the Molloy College Communications Department. She says that you should treat an internship as your first job. Its a great time to experience what the workplace is like. She adds that internships open up resources to help you further your career. She says that her future goals include creating a better work-life balance in her life. She says, “We work a lot and sometimes we forget to make time for ourselves so I try to take breaks and walk away from the computer to walk, stretch or drink water. Then when I come back to work, I feel more refreshed and productive.” She also added that she would always like to keep learning more.