Nakeem Grant - 2014 B.A. Communications (Professional)

Nakeem Grant graduated from Molloy College in 2014 with a degree in Journalism and Professional Communications with a focus in Public Relations. He decided to major in Communications because he thought it would be the best opportunity to learn the basics of Journalism. Nakeem added, “I always loved to write and edit so I thought that Communications would be the perfect fit!” In thinking about some of the goals he had when initially starting the program, Nakeem wanted to not only learn all aspects of the field of Communications, but how to apply them. Once earning and receiving his diploma in May 2014, he felt that he accomplished those goals.

There were many Communications course that Nakeem enjoyed, but his favorite was Interpersonal Communication. Nakeem said about the course, “It was a great course where we had endless discussions on effective ways to communicate with others in the workplace, covering different scenerios.” Currently, Nakeem is attending graduate school and he feels this course helped him immensely in working in group assignments. “Understanding how to network, communicate, and collaborate with others is a huge tool for group work and I think that’s where the Interpersonal Communication course has benefitted me the most”, stated Nakeem.

Nakeem credited his success to the professors in the Communications Department, specifically Janice Kelly always offering advice. Nakeem added, “Dr. Janice Kelly always told me (and her other students) to have a plan or sense of direction as to what you want to do or accomplish. She taught each and every one of us how to set up short term and long term goals for ourselves. As the department internship coordinator, Dr. Kelly helped Nakeem earn an internship at K98.3 FM. He got to work with the promotions crew assisting in organizing promotional items and equipment before and after events, writing weekly articles for KJOY’s Cooking Club and organizing and completing databases for prize contestants.

In looking back at some of his favorite memories as a Communications student, Nakeem felt that the department was a close-knit family. He felt that the relationship between the students and the COM professors were strong. Nakeem continued, “Their doors were always open and I was never afraid to sit and chat.” Currently, Nakeem is the Media Manager for Long Island Baseball Magazine positng and editing content on the brand’s website. Also, he is attending graduate school at Hofstra University going for a Master of Arts in Journalism. During his down time, Nakeem is able to give back to the community being a part of the Journalism program at Hempstead High School. Nakeem helped develop their own journalism club. He worked as a mentor for the students to help create stories about current events in their community. He hopes that by being a mentor in the club, it will encourage students to pursue an education after high school. In the future, Nakeem hopes to have a prosperous career as a sports journalist whether it is as an analyst, TV anchor, beat writer or reporter.