Lexi Kakis - 2017 B.A. Communications (Media)

Lexi Kakis, a 2017 graduate with a B.A. in Communications Media, currently works as the Engagement Manager at Uncovered - a comprehensive cold case database of unsolved cases of the missing and murdered. They combine publicly available case information (podcasts, news reports, public records) and overlay a visualized timeline of events, locations, sources, people, etc. They crowdsource this information with the help of their citizen detective community. Here is an example of the first case she researched: https://uncovered.com/cases/melissa-witt. She is responsible for creating, scheduling, and posting all of the social media content to raise awareness about any of the visualized cases on their site. She works under the Marketing and Community team to oversee projects, such as leading group case research, hosting events and workshops, etc. She also works closely with the case research and data team to help visualize cases for the website.

Lexi said that the Communications course that helped her the most in her current job was Senior seminar as the class is a research based course and her job relies heavily on research skills. She also added that any production courses were helpful as they allowed her to understand what goes into making content in a timely and effective manner.

When asked what her favorite Communications course was and why she said, “Quite literally any course where Dr. Kenny or Dr. Cogan was teaching. They really care about their students and always make it a fun experience!”

Lexi’s advice to any freshman taking their first Communications course is to learn as much as you can. Ask questions and get to know your professors because they are all great resources for advice, information, and support. She said, “They really do care, and will still care even after you graduate.” And to seniors about to graduate she says, “Congratulations, you did it! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to land the ‘dream’ job right out of college but make sure you know how to network effectively.”