Keara O'Driscoll - 2021 B.S. Marketing Minor in Finance and Media

Keara O’Driscoll, a 2021 graduate with a B.S. in Marketing and minors in both Finance and Media, currently works at Cheddar News as part of the programming and growth team. Keara’s daily responsibilities include communicating with partners about upcoming events and ensuring that their product looks good on all platforms.

When asked what courses helped Keara in any way in her current job, she listed several courses she felt helped. Keara stated that the most influential courses for her were TV Studio Production, Intro to New Media, Micro and Macroeconomics, Marketing Research and Marketing Capstone. However, when asked what her favorite course was, Keara said, “TV Studio Production because it really gave me a look into how a live show operates. My desk at work is next to the control room and it always reminds me of my time in the Molloy TV Studio.”

Keara’s advice for an incoming freshman is to pay attention to what courses interest you. She also advises to find clubs. It's important to find things that you like. She says, “ might be able to make a career out of it.” On the other end, Keara says to a senior about to graduate, that it's okay if you don’t have a job lined up right away. She says, “Take that time to start a YouTube channel, podcast, TikTok account etc. it will help to give you more experience.” Keara interned at the American Red Cross in their marketing and development department. And as far as the future goes Keara says that she is currently just enjoying where she is and looking forward to where life leads her.