Jessica Larkin - 2012 B.A. Communications

Jessica Larkin encourages students to enjoy every moment in college and take classes seriously. Alum Jessica Larkin is currently working in the Department of Education as a payroll/principal secretary at Corona Arts & Sciences Academy in Queens. Jessica explains that it takes an entire team to ensure that the students are receiving the best education they can get. As a secretary, she works directly with the Principal to manage all administrative work coming in and out of the office as well as the entire payroll for a 70 person staff.

Using her skills learned at Molloy, she is able to communicate with her team and other staff members to find the best solution to any issues that may occur. She believed the COM Department helped her become more confident in herself and this helped her get through many presentations with the Department of Education. Her favorite part about being a Com student was learning how to edit and work with all the new equipment. One rewarding part of her job was being able to move from a building shared with 4 other schools to an individual building. She explained the move to be very difficult but worth the hassle and she can’t wait to make more memories in the new building. She explained doing payroll can be overwhelming but she has been able to grow a network with people in the Department of Education over the years, which helped her job less hectic. She enjoys the supporting staff in the office and they work together to get through any challenges they may face. Jessica said in order to be successful in her career, she need to be assertive, organized and detail oriented to better serve the staff and students.

Jessica explains college is an incredible time in our lives and we need to make the most of it. Her advice for those graduating is “don’t worry if you haven’t landed a job in the first two weeks”. She encourages students to keep your head up, perfect that resume and keep hustling until you find the job you want. Even after receiving the job, Jessica tells us to be proud of that and work hard because you have made it. She is recently married living in Queens and she hopes to continue to grow in her career with the school and learn something new every day.