Jess Falcone - 2014 B.A. Communications (Media)

Jess Falcone, a 2014 graduate with a B.A. in Communications Media, currently works for the non-profit, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island, as their digital Content Creator. On a day to day basis she is responsible for shooting and editing photo/video of all events and activities associated with the organization. She assists in creating and publishing content across their social platforms and ensuring each channel runs smoothly. Some days involve writing scripts and recording interviews and other days involve creating Tik Toks. She says that, “This is a brand new position for Big Brothers Big Sisters, so I’m lucky to have creative freedom enough to make a range of exciting content that supports our mission and increases engagement and awareness!” She says that nearly every COM course has helped guide her through my career in one way or another, though if she had to pick one she says the skills she learned in Post Production have definitely been the most impactful. Before her current position Jess worked as a Video Producer for Discovery Inc. for 6+ years and she was editing videos on a daily basis. She says that her editing skills she gained from her years at Molloy gave her a leg up over other producers.

When asked what her favorite Communications course was, Jess said, “If I had to pick just one, it would be Advanced TV Production. All these years later, I'm still so proud of what my classmates and I accomplished together in the studio! That was the first time I took a production from Greenlight through post by myself, and solidified my love for content creation!”

Her advice for an incoming freshman is to try everything once and be open minded. She says, “You don't know what you're capable of until you try, and you might fall in love with a field you never expected! Heck, I originally came into Molloy as an Education Major and well, here we are!”

Jess has worked several internships and believes that it is the best route that a recent grad can take. She says,“There seems to be such a weight placed on NEEDING to find a full time role when you graduate. But why? I look at internships like a 3-4 month free trial. You'll know within that time frame if a company/department is the right fit for you.” Her first internship was with the Bill Cunningham Show where she worked as a Social Media/Production Assistant. She says her most impactful internship was with HGTV, which led her on a 6 year long journey through the company. A 3 month internship on the Digital Video Team ended up being extended several times, which eventually led her to a contract Production Coordinator role. She said, “From there I climbed the ranks to a full time AP and eventually Producer! All it takes is getting your foot in the door, a smile and hard work!”

When asked about her goals for the future Jess said,”Life is all about trying new things, so I never want to get too comfortable or complacent. Aside from starting a family and becoming a mom, I eventually see myself trying to get into Higher Education as an adjunct COM professor at some point. I've always loved the school environment, helping others and learning. So the opportunity to help students get prepped for the "real world" and an industry I'm so passionate about would be a dream come true. For now though, I plan to keep chugging along and creating dope content for deserving brands, organizations and people.”