Christina Anastasio - 2014 B.A. Communications (Professional)

During Christina’s first semester at Molloy College she took the intercultural communications course and she found it to be very interesting to learn about the different communication patterns that exist across the world. After that she started her journey as a Communications student specializing in Professional Communications. Christina stated “Communications is also a great major because it can set you in the right direction for so many different opportunities, job wise.” Christina had two goals when starting in the communications department. Those two goals were to graduate with honors and completing at least one internship. Christina accomplished both of those goals during her time at Molloy College. Christina accomplished not one but two internships while she was at Molloy College. Christina’s favorite communications course was the internship course. She liked it so much that she took both sections of it. She states “It’s so important to have internship experience on your resume.”

She had the opportunity to intern at FOX and NBCUniversal. She stated “My internships were amazing and they truly paved the way for me once I graduated.” At FOX, she was in the Advertising Sales department where she learned the whole business behind commercial sales. During the internship at FOX, she learned that sales was not for her. At NBCUniversal she interned in the Content Distribution, Partner Marketing Department. The group focused on marketing and acted as the liaison between NBCUniversal and major cable providers. She had the opportunity to learn marketing tactics from incredible senior level individuals at NBC. After both internships, Christina realized the true value of taking more than one, which was to show students what you are interested in and what you aren’t interested in.

The courses that help Christina in her current job are the Communications internship and Public Relations. She mentions the internship class because it gave her a real sense of what Corporate America is really like and the Public Relations class because that is what her current job is in. Christina is currently working for NBCUniversal for the Syfy channel as a Communications Assistant. She states “It’s amazing and I have had so many great opportunities this past year, such as working both New York and San Diego Comic Con and helping build up the PR campaign for Sharknado 3!” Her main responsibilities include compiling daily press regarding the network along with administrative tasks. A big portion of Christina’s position and also her favorite part of her position is setting up all of the talent from Syfy shows for any upcoming events, which includes overseeing talent, speaking to press outlets, and arranging the talent needs. Christina’s senior seminar paper at Molloy College focused on advertising tactics used to grab the attention of children. She doesn’t really know how she decided with this topic but with the help of Dr. Pribram a professor here at Molloy College, she really enjoyed working on the paper. Christina’s advice to anyone doing this project is “pick something you are interested in, because you will be spending A LOT of time with it”.

Christina’s favorite memory as a Communications student was when she sat down after presenting her senior seminar paper. She said it was not only a huge relief, but she felt so good about all of the work she put into the paper and with her final presentation. She said that everyone was so supportive and happy for each other in her senior seminar class that it was great to see everyone’s paper evolve into great final products. Christina’s goal for the future is to set herself up career wise and move up within the company at NBCUniversal. Another goal she would like to achieve in the upcoming year is to volunteer and travel more.