Brandon Rizzuto - 2014 B.A. Communications (Media)

Brandon decided to become a Communications major because he had a goal of making his own television show after high school. Also, he is a big fan of Joss Whedon and would love to have the opportunity to hire him for a show that he wrote! Therefore, he knew he was going to have to learn how TV and movies were made. Once Brandon was accepted to Molloy College, he chose to major in Communications: Media and minor in English. “My goals were to be very hands on and learn how to use professional equipment and editing software.”

Brandon’s first communications course was Field Production. In the class, students learn single camera production skills and techniques, as well as creating and producing several short video projects. “I remember I was really excited to learn Final Cut Pro and was nervous about not looking like an idiot while wrestling with the tripod. After taking it, I was pretty confident with the equipment and was happy with the major since the group projects made it easy to bond with everyone.” Brandon has many fond memories during his tenure at Molloy and with the communications department. One of his favorite memories always came at the end of the semester during finals week when all of the students would spend hours hanging out in the television studio finishing projects. “It was a fun experience because everyone was in the room editing and freaking out together. Plus, there was always food on hand such ordering pizza or Press 195.”

Currently, Brandon is a Post Production Coordinator at DiGa Vision for a hidden camera television show and a music television show. He has many daily tasks and duties during the course of his work day, which include helping the Post Production Director manage the editing schedule, keep track of deadlines, prepare paper deliverables for the networks and help manage tasks for the evening crew. One of the most important skills Brandon learned in his communications courses that help him in his current career was learning how to use the post production software Avid because every show he has worked on so far uses it.

For students about to take their first communications course, Brandon advises students not to get stuck just learning one aspect of production. “If you were the lighting guy for one project, do sound for the next one. Even though I want to ultimately write and work in pre-production, the only paying jobs I’ve had were in post so I was happy that I knew a little bit of everything.” Brandon also has advice for students who have just graduated. He advises graduates to email your closest contacts you made during your tenure at the internship you had. “Even if they don’t have anything open, they’ll keep you in mind for when they do. When I graduated I emailed the line producer at my internship. He didn’t have any jobs open, but two weeks later he did. Then that job led to another one and then to the one I’m at now. Old jobs lead to new jobs.”

In the future, Brandon plans to move out to Los Angeles, California. Brandon’s new goal is to work on one of the television productions filmed out in the west coast! “I want to be a staff writer on a show and work my way up to showrunner.”

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