Bernadette Conway - 2021 B.A. Communications (Media)

Bernadette Conway graduated from Molloy College with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications Media and a minor in Theology and Religious Studies. During her time at Molloy, Bernadette volunteered often in the Communications department helping Dr. Kenny with workshops and other projects. When Bernadette was a junior at Molloy, she lived in Florida for seven weeks and participated in the Disney College Program. In Fall of 2020, Bernadette started her own podcast called Berning Questions available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Podcasts. Her podcast focuses on pop culture and reality TV, and she is currently working on getting new episodes published. During her senior year, Bernadette went on to intern as a camera operator and video editor for Molloy Athletics.

Just three weeks after graduating Magna Cum Laude in May of 2021, Bernadette moved to Orlando, Florida to return to the Disney College Program where she currently works as an intern for The Walt Disney Company at Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts. While on her college program Bernadette has made extreme efforts to network within the company. This has allowed her to express her talents and interest in pursuing a career in entertainment with the company. In August of 2021, Bernadette was asked to solely direct and film a video to be shared amongst Walt Disney World Cast members that would celebrate the 20th anniversary of Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Lodge. She used GoPros and Nikon cameras, and performed nonlinear editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. She says that “being able to create a visual story and work as a director, videographer, and editor for The Walt Disney Company is a dream come true.” Bernadette looks to continue her internship over the next few months, and sees every day as a new opportunity.

Bernadette’s advice to communication’s students is “don’t wait too long to get started…take advantage of the resources offered to you within the TV studio, the lab, and the podcast studio. Just because those resources are offered through classes does not mean you can’t always take advantage of them. Take as many electives in communications as you can if that’s where your passion truly is, and don’t be afraid to ask the questions only you’re curious about. I learned the most from allowing myself to be creative inside, and more importantly outside the classroom.”

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