Arthena Antonetti - 2014 B.A. Communications

Arthena Antonetti, a 2014 graduate with a B.A. in Communications, currently works as a Communications Manager at Power to Decide. She says that at Power to Decide, she conducts media relation activities. She writes press releases and sends press statements. She says that she also tracks media coverage and assists with event planning.

When asked what communications course helped her the most in her current job, Arthena said that PR writing and Senior Seminar had a significant impact on her writing skills. She says that writing skills are incredibly important in Public Relations. She said in particular she really enjoyed the PR writing class with Anna D’Aloisio.

Arthena advises students about to graduate to do as many internships as you can. She says, “This is a sad reality of the world we live in, but most “entry level” jobs ask for 1-3 years experience. Try to do at least two internships or to intern with a company for a year.” She advises seniors as well to apply for jobs before they graduate.

When asked about her internship experience Arthena says that during her junior and senior year she interned at the City Council of New York with CM Julissa Ferraras. She advises students to, “ WORK HARD in your internship! This is your opportunity to prove yourself. Your internship could lead to a job opportunity right away or even 10 years down the line (like me). My internship at City Council led to my contract role as Digital Content Producer at Harvard University. I interned with NYC Council 10 years ago and my supervisor recently reached out to me offering me the opportunity at Harvard.”

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