The Communications Department offers a 42 credit program in media preparing students for careers in television and film.  The program includes both studies and production courses where students will understand the cultural and social meanings of the medium as well as get hands on training in our state of the art television studio using high definition equipment creating news stories, sitcoms, movies, documentaries and other forms of video content.

A degree specialized in media prepares students for a wide array of careers as a producer, director, show runner, script writer, camera operator, broadcast journalist, video editor and much more! As part of the program, Communication majors are required to complete an internship for a media company, taking the skills learned in the classroom into a professional setting.


COM 2300 Scriptwriting for Screen Media

COM 2380 Serial TV Storytelling OR COM 3600 Understanding Television

COM 2500 The Art of Screen Media (fulfills General Education requirement)

COM 2520 Television Studio Production

COM 2560 Field Production

COM 2600 Research in Communications

COM 3330 On Demand Television OR COM 3520 Advanced Field Production OR COM 3670 Editing in Post Production

COM 3540 Foundations of Media Theory

COM 3550 History of Screen Media

COM 4600 Communication Internship

COM 4900 Communications Seminar I

COM 4901 Communications Seminar II







8 Semester Plan
8 Semester plan 2019 Communications Media Concentration.png
128 Credits
8 Semester plan 2021 Communications Media Concentration.png
120 Credits